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Spiritual Stress Relief


17 Minute Recording - This meditation incorporates hypnotic techniques to enable the listener to enter into a meditatitve trance where mind body and spirit can flow into oneness with deeper insights, realisations about self and your higher potential. Your mind can be open to receiving a higher souce, higher self or spiritual essence which aligns with your truth of who you authentically are with a realisaton that you are more than just the limited being that you at times may perceive yourself to be.
Price: £4.95

Overcome Your Anxiety - Short Version


This recording is a 12 minute short version of the full version (available for purchase in the MP3 section) for people who struggle to find time.

This recording has been designed to help you to overcome your anxiety by changing the way you think, which changes the way you feel and behave, as you refuse to be a slave to worrying thoughts/feelings and anxious behaviour.

Price: £3.95

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