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Mind & Body Reset by Rika Higashikaze & Lorraine Ireland
Mind & Body Reset by Rika Higashikaze & Lorraine Ireland
KONNICHIWA my friends  

Rika and I have put together this recording with very carefully chosen words which will work with your subconscious mind to enable you to rebalance your mind and body to enable you to feel grounded. As you listen to the recording, just allow the words to go through your mind and body allowing a shift of consciousness, to take place to enable you to cope well with day to day challenges, self regulation and to allow your mind to remember the meaning of deep refreshing sleep.  Mother Earth`s man made terrain may have struggled a little but her spiritual foundations remain unaffected – it is these foundations she is urging you to tread to enable you to feel safe and at peace

When Rika came to me with an idea to create a Free Self Help MP3 for all of the Japanese people who are struggling right now with such overwhelming trauma that has hit Japan, I felt very honoured to be given this opportunity to reach out and support in any way I could.  I have known Rika for some while now and her passion for her mother home, Japan and her caring compassionate manner has always touched my soul.  Rika has given me an insight into the spiritual unity of Japanese people that comes across as so strong with a solid foundation based on higher level consciousness, which I feel is a quality that will not only help the Japanese people to get through this crisis they face right now, which has left them feeling so ungrounded, but can also reinforce to the rest of the world the importance of working together as a oneness with no dividing lines.  There are many worldwide challenges we all face, but we are all in this together.  Edward Lorenz talked about the butterfly affect – how a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world could affect the weather on the other side of the globe.  Rika and I feel we are all interconnected, hence another persons suffering is not solely theirs but all of ours.  Mother Earth is struggling herself right now and she needs us to support her, love her and have faith in her – her lesson in return is to teach us to be more flexible and to expand our minds as through crisis she is forcing us to focus on non material ways to feel grounded in a dimension that is not of fixed matter.
Sending you love and healing energy in abundance.



Mind & Body Reset
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