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The Ultimate Deep Sleep
The Ultimate Deep Sleep

The Ultimate Deep Sleep recording is specifically designed to restore natural healthy sleep patterns and to eliminate unhealthy habits and anxious thought patterns connected with the inability to sleep.

The blend of gentle background music and soft hypnotic English female voice re-educates the mind and body to become re-acquainted to the meaning of sleep. Such is the power of this recording that it must only be played when you are ready to enter into a deep relaxing, refreshing sleep.

  • Can Put an End to Sleep Problems & Insomnia
  • Energising Deep Sleep at the End of Your Day
  • Calm Relaxed State of Mind upon Awakening
  • Release Tension & Worry
  • Free Your Mind from Everyday Clutter
  • Increased Quality of Life
  • Balance & Inner Peace
  • Calm Relaxed State of Mind
  • Physical Relaxation
  • Reduction of Stress & Anxiety

As each individual is unique, benefits may differ from person to person.


The Ultimate Deep Sleep
Price: £5.95

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The Ultimate Deep Sleep

- 05th July 2011

This CD usually works for me and sends me to sleep.

It is marvellous to hear a woman's voice with a pleasant British accent on a sleep tape.

I do tolerate some men's voices, providing they do not sound aggressive. But I do not like most American voi...

Beautiful CD With Very Positive Effects

- 05th July 2011

Loved this CD, the music was beautiful and I thought her voice was very relaxing. Couldn't detect any accent she speaks in a mystical hypnotic way and seems to talk to your soul or inner being. I am sleeping like a baby now as the CD helps you to put thin...

Sleep Sweet Sleep - It works!!!

- 05th July 2011

I no longer have insomnia I'm glad to report - it's just unbelievable. I have had sleep problems for years and tried so many things the list is endless. My friend who is a GP told me to try this CD as one of her patients had overcome his insomnia by liste...

A Miracle - Sleep At Last

- 05th July 2011

Lorraine has helped me more than she could ever imagine and I thank her so much for helping me to turn my life around. I have undergone massive lifestyle changes over the last 2 years and with the stress of everything my sleep patterns went crazy and I gu...

The Ultimate Deep Sleep

- 05th July 2011

This is a wonderful product it really works right from the first time you use it. I have also used this CD on my child, who has problems sleeping and it worked a treat. I recommend this CD to anyone who has sleep problems. An excellent product Lorraine, I...

This CD last...sleep...feels so good...

- 05th July 2011

I initially felt really sceptical about this... I've not been sleeping for months and months, I was slowly becoming a complete bore. The first night I tried this I only remember thinking about colours then I woke up and it was the morning!!!!!! I'd slept ...

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