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Journey Through Relaxation
Journey Through Relaxation

This recording will guide the listener through the most enchanting journey, incorporating visualisation, guided imagery and powerful, positive Hypnotherapy techniques and suggestions. The gentle, calming background music, which incorporates the most amazing, surreal sound effects is complimentary to the soothing English female voice. The overall effects are highly successful, promoting a deep state of physical as well as mental relaxation.

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Create Balance & Inner Peace
  • Build Confidence & Self Belief
  • Calm & Relax Your Mind
  • Aid Physical Relaxation
  • Promotion of Positive Energy
  • Release Negative Energy
  • Gain Self Control & Clarity of Mind
  • Opens Your Mind to New Directions or Choices

As each individual is unique, benefits may differ from person to person.



Journey Through Relaxation
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Excellent CD to Recommend To Your Friends!

- 05th July 2011

I am a clinical psychologist. After 10 years of career, demanding after trainings and CPD, I had found myself been caught in secondary trauma of the patients for many years. In the difficult life's events were also pouring out in my personal life and felt...


- 05th July 2011

I got my CD through Lorraine while attending a hypnosis session for quitting smoking. I did not think it would do alot really. Not only did the hypnosis work but the 'Journey Through Relaxation' CD worked as well.

The CD is absolutly amazing!! The gent...

Just Brilliant!!

- 05th July 2011

After reaching breaking point and feeling I would never feel calm again Lorraine's CD saved me!! It got me through the crazy, stressed days of early break up and enabled me to deal with the every day responsibilities of being a mum. Thank you Lorraine.

This CD is fantastic

- 05th July 2011

This CD is fantastic. With it's gentle soothing backround music, along with Lorraine's soft calming voice, you really are going on a 'journey through relaxation'. It helped me tremendously with my anxiety issues and gave me the confidence to explore other...

A Definite Must Have CD

- 05th July 2011

I found the music and Lorraine's soothing voice gave me a fantastic feeling of well being and so relaxing, I play it at least 4 times a week. I can't recommend this CD enough - it was exactly what I was looking to become - a more confident, relaxed and po...

A Fantastic way to Relax!

- 05th July 2011

This CD takes you through a wonderful journey of relaxation. Lorraine Irelands' calming voice leaves you with a feeling of serenity and well being. This CD helps you to accomplish positivity, increased confidence and also the ability to relax. IT REALLY W...

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